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Selected lovely pine furniture for your house. Here you will find mostly information about chests of drawers.

Antique Pine Chests Of Drawers

Whether the chest of drawers is of a large size, or smaller, each must be accompanied by other pine furniture. Wardrobes, dressers and cupboards all may have the same look, but each will be unique in its' own way.

The larger furniture might overwhelm small chests, especially if they are 2 small drawers over 2 larger ones. Danish chests of drawers tend to be tall and slim, not too wide. East German more solid and rustic especially every on which is circa: 1900 or older.

Here there is a description of a typical chest of drawers.

The older antique pine dressers with glazed tops were generally made to separate into 2 pieces (top and bottom) and also the Victorian larger farmhouse dressers with racks similar to bookcases on the tops of the bases. These usually carried crockery antique  Blue And White porcelain.

You can see some beautiful examples of antique pine chests of drawers in Oxford near London. Some lovely pieces all either restored or ready to be restored and waxed, or shabby chic painted to your requirements.

Not only are chests of drawers ideal for the bedroom, but they calso be usuful for dining room furniture. Dressers and cupboards especially pine armoirs are good for clothing and linen presses. Some may dismantle but many are in one piece so be aware when transporting upstairs or through tight doorways.

All of the antique furniture can be bought as it is (although it has all been stripped) in a hot caustic solution and steam cleaned so it is now all in the bare wood. This process kills all the woodworm and sterilises the wood. 

An example of restoring a chest can be seen here on Youtube which may give you some ideas if you like restoring and waxing furniture yourself.

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Restoring a chest of drawers

restoring an old chest of drawers

About our rustic chests of drawers

Some of our chests are unrestored and need some restoration. You can watch the video above to get some tips on repairing a rustic drawer. There are many techniques to be learned. Reclaimed wood can be used to reproduce the look and feel of the original piece. Sometimes when using new pine this can stand out. Even old pine floorboards can be used when repairing an extremely old piece, maybe Gorgian or very early Victorian.

The drawer bases can often shrink, so again this is something to consider when purchasing a piece of old furniture.



Another old chest of drawers

Some chests of drawers like the one below are in need of restoration: Usually stripping and just a wax polishing is required. Please ask for more details.

How Antique Pine Chests Of Drawers Can Be A Fine Addition To Your Bedroom?

Among the many items in bedroom furniture, chests of drawers are one significant piece of furniture that can dominate the entire room. The reason why it is called dominant is because other furniture like bed, side tables or cupboards are usually concealed with the products of daily use and sometimes décor items like photographs, ornaments etc. But chests are considered to be a visible furniture that can make or break the look of your while room. Fashions change as time passes by but there is one thing in the house which is capable of standing the test of time and it’s a wardrobe.

Pine Drawers

When it comes to drawers, the most wonderful material chosen for them is probably pine. We all know it well that pine has been one of the oldest wood choices to build distinctive pieces of furniture. The finely crafted pine furniture and its grain is a beauty that you cannot find in any other type of wood. If there are chances you have antique pine wardrobes, it may have some remains of oak. Pine is the type of wood that is still considered to be the most preferable choice of homeowners because it not just is capable of offering stability, it can offer beauty and versatility too and these qualities are going to one of a kind.

Why Choose Pine Furniture?

For years, antique pine chests of drawers have been seen in most of the houses. Pine is not just a perfect type of wood to create furniture but it is being widely used for many a number of other furniture items. Pine is known for its own distinguish qualities. It is available in a light cream color with soft yellow touches but the shade may vary according to wood species and the place where it is grown. The grains in the wood are wider and they are free from splinter. That does not make pine look typical or boring like other types of wood. Once this wood goes in the hands of a professional craftsman, he can turn it into many forms such as rustic, modern, French or shaker. This quality is rarely present in any other type of wood. That’s why it serves to be a great material for antiques. The furniture made out of pine can make wood richer as well as warmer.

Durability of Pine

Pine is one of the most durable woods. If it is cured properly, then much of the moisture present in the wood is removed. Eventually, the pine then used is light and stable and it has the tendency to be durable than other types of woods. With advanced finish, the furniture can be made more durable. The furniture is going to be sun and water resistant which means that the originality will last for a long time despite the regular usage.

For those homeowners, who are looking for a durable option that does not go out of style for years and years to come, pine furniture is the perfect choice. 

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